Global HeathCare are on a precipice. Tilt one way, they will bring an end to disease in the world, and make themselves more money than they could ever dream of. But the other way they will go bust, taking their new technology down with them.

Peter Miller is the brilliant mind holding Global HealthCare's dream together, but their continual refusal to back his rival invention, "Tracks", drives him away to work at an asylum in London, where Dr Taylor promises his beautiful vision can achieve its full potential.

As Global lurches towards disaster, Miller falls in love, and Taylor heads for infamy, a dark presence waits in the wings. Will this technology save the world, or enslave it?

Tracks: Sex, money, death and the future of the surveillance state.

Tracks is Mike Gordon's first book, and has received acclaim from reviewers:

"This is a fast-moving, original, very visual thriller. Told in short sharp scenes that keep the action moving and the atmosphere tense." - 5 stars

"This is Mike Gordon's first novel and I must say, well worth reading. A really good first novel" - 9/10

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